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Crow faces crowd without opponent
Forsyth County School Board Chairwoman Ann Crow addresses the audience during Wednesday's forum. - photo by Jennifer Sami
Is it still a debate if only one candidate shows up?

Apparently, yes, as Ann Crow learned Wednesday.

Crow, who chairs the Forsyth County Board of Education and has served as the District 1 board member since 2003, faces Brian Sorrell in the July 20 Republican primary.

But during the Forsyth County Republican Party Debate, it was just Crow responding to the same questions asked of District 2 school board candidates earlier in the evening.

Sorrell was unable to attend due to a conflict with work.

Crow talked about the school system’s progress, why the foreign language component was dropped from its elementary schools and how the board will continue to work on improving student achievement.

“The financial problems that we are going to be facing will be the biggest challenge that we will have in the next few years,” she said. “I think we will need to be more creative in how we deliver instruction to make the most of our tax dollars.”

Crow said with the way students continue to improve, the current graduation rate of about 89 percent likely will keep rising and more students will continue to not just meet but exceed expectations for state testing.

Not many people stuck around for Crow’s turn during the debate. To those who did, however, she expressed gratitude.

“I know it was very difficult without having an opponent here,” she said. “I can’t tell you how much it’s a privilege to serve on the Forsyth County Board of Education.

“We need to keep what we’re doing. We’re heading on the right track and we have a phenomenal board and a phenomenal staff and it would be my honor to be able to serve four more years.”