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Educators monitor weather
Safety officials to stay particularly vigilant
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Forsyth County News

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After a two-week break, Forsyth County teachers returned to school Monday and students followed on Tuesday.

But their stay could be short lived if weather predictions, including a chance of snow showers and flurries Thursday night through Friday, hold true.

“I’m going to be particularly vigilant this week with the weather because we have so many young drivers on the road,” said Bruce Wagar, school safety and discipline director.

“We’re monitoring it carefully, hoping that we don’t get the snow that has been predicted, but nevertheless planning on what to do if we do.”

But snow would not be enough to cancel school, Wagar said. The deciding factor is typically road conditions.

“An icy patch on a secluded road, certainly that’s not going to close schools throughout the county,” he said.

But if main thoroughfares are iced or dangerously slick, a decision could be made to cancel school for the day or to at least push back its start by a few hours.

Transportation supervisors will travel county roads early in the morning, monitoring the conditions.

If there is any expectation of freezing rain or snow, Wagar said the county school superintendent will make the final decision by 5 a.m.

If school is not cancelled, district spokeswoman Jennifer Caracciolo said, conditions will be monitored throughout the day.

There are currently three days — Feb. 17 and April 1 and 2 — that could be used to make up a possible inclement weather day.

“If school is delayed or cancelled, we notify parents on the Web site and on our voice mail greeting here,” Caracciolo said.