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Forsyth County school system fares well at science, engineering fair
Some of the award recipients from South Forsyth High School. - photo by For the FCN

FORSYTH COUNTY — In a regional science and engineering fair that includes 17 counties and 40 first-place winners, Forsyth was one of just two to take home top honors.

Four of the five public high schools and three middle schools in the local public school system won first place at the Northwest Georgia Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

In doing so, they earned spots in the 68thstatewide fair in Athens at the end of March, according to Kelly Price, director of academic standards for the school system and director of the regional fair.

Students from Bartow, Catoosa, Chattooga, Cherokee, Dade, Dawson, Fannin, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Gordon, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Union, Walker and Whitfield counties were eligible to participate in the regional fair.

Forsyth County won 13 individual categories, all 10 team categories and one specialty award.

Cherokee County won 16 individual categories and one specialty award.

Following are the winners from Forsyth:


West Forsyth High

* Allyson Drawdy, 10th grade: microbiology category, “Antimicrobial Susceptibility of E. coli, S. epidermidis, P. fluorescens and E. aerogenes in Relation to Antibiotic Resistance”

* Alayna Daws, ninth grade: Earth and environmental sciences category, “The Impact of Texture on Mechanoreceptors in Flies year IV”

* Ryan Li, Matthew Castanon and John Allen, 10th grade: microbiology team category, “Wavelength Effect on Cyanobacteria Growth”


South Forsyth High

* Shwetha Mudalegundi, 12th grade: biomedical and health category, “Does FDG PET/CT Alter the Management of Well Differentiated Thyroid Cancer (WDTC) in the Follow-Up Period?”

* Priyasha Pareek, 12th grade: cellular and molecular biology category, “Effect of Heterochronic Parabiosis on Presence of SOD2”

* Miranda Moore, 12th grade: biomedical and health category, “Instrumental Influence on Lung Capacity”

* Niveda Shanmugam, 11thgrade: microbiology category, “Smarter than Your Average Slime”

* Jenny Choi, 12th grade: behavioral and social sciences category, “The Effect of Sensitivity on the Efficacy of Binaural Beats in Terms of Focus”

* Shivani Bhagat, 12th grade: behavioral and social studies category, “The Efficacy of Positive Psychological Interventions on Levels of Motivation in the Classroom”

* Sudhan Chitgopkar, ninth grade: systems software category, “The Use of Exhaustive Template Matching on Fingernail Bed Patterns to Increase the Efficiency of Transient Biometrics”

* Anish Bikmal and Praneet Kedari, ninth grade: physical energy team category, “Using Graphene to Create Sustainable Energy”


North Forsyth High

* Katie Jordan, ninth grade: engineering mechanics category, “Hydroelectric Phone Charger”

* Garrett Brooks, ninth grade: physics and astronomy category, “The Effect of Temperature on Ferrofluids”

* Mackenzie Day and Isabel Montero, 11th grade: Earth and environmental sciences team category, “Lil’ Wormies and BIG Nutrients”


Forsyth Central High

* Hannah Walker and Keegan Householder, 12th grade: cellular and molecular biology team category, “Developing a Qualitative Field Test for the Detection of Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis”

* Logan Ballard and Nicole Strunk, 12th grade: microbiology team category, “Inhibiting the Production of Neutrophil Elastase by Increasing the Expression of Alpha 1-Antitrypsin Gene Products via a Lactose Operon”

* Kaitlin VanWambeke, Abigail Wagner and Julianna Vale, 12th grade: microbiology team category, “Observing the Effect of Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E on the Unc-86 Mutation in C. Elegans”

* Annie Karickhoff and Madison Hazelwood, 12th grade: biomedical and health team category, “Test of Comparable Preservation of Cooked Meat by Observing Effect of Different Species on E. coli Growth”


Piney Grove Middle

* Christian Weimer, seventh grade: engineering mechanics category, “Magnets for Flight”


Liberty Middle

* Patrick Daws, sixth grade: Earth and environmental sciences category, “The Effects of Water Treatment on Plant Growth”


Vickery Creek Middle

* Laraib Akhtar and Carol Hubach, eighth grade: animal sciences team category, “Does the Beat of the Music Affect the Beat of the Heart?”

* Evion Reinhardt and Amanda Ewers, eighth grade: physics and astronomy team category, “Which Athletic Cooling Towel Will Stay Coolest the Longest?”

AFCEA Specialty Award

* Holden Schaffer, West, and Arjun Karanam, South, 10th grade: environmental engineering category, “How Does the Presence of Various Substances Including Motor Oil, Corn Oil and Gasoline Affect the Mitigation of Radon through an HVAC Filter?”