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Lambert senior named regional STAR winner

SOUTH FORSYTH — One high school senior in Forsyth County and her teacher of choice will be represented at a state banquet in April that is looking for the best SAT score in Georgia. And you can’t do better than perfect.

Lambert High School’s Lily B Ge was named one of nine winners at the Region 3A Student Teacher Achievement Recognition, or STAR, banquet Friday at Windermere Golf Club. Those nine students — out of 18 — earned perfect scores on the SAT college entrance exam.

She and the others will next attend the state-level banquet in the hopes of being named the Georgia STAR student.

“They’re nothing short of amazing,” said Forsyth County Associate Juvenile Court Judge Randall Meincke. “They are the leaders of this country that will be guiding us in the years to come.”

Each honoree is asked to choose his or her STAR teacher in a person who has most inspired them or helped them become who they are.

“He taught me in the notoriously most difficult class at Lambert,” said Ge of her teacher, David Zink. “It wasn’t just plug and chug the answers. And he made it fun and enjoyable.

“He made me look forward to coming back to school, which is the most important thing in the end.”

Zink, for his part, said his student is “quite extraordinary.”

The STAR program is run by the Professional Association of Georgia Educators Foundation and has honored about 25,000 high school seniors and teachers since its creation in 1958.

Every accredited high school in Georgia is eligible to participate in the program.

Students must also be in the top 10 percent or top 10 students of their class based on grade-point average.

Ge and the other systemwide STAR winners have been accepted to colleges including Georgia Tech, the University of Georgia, Harvard, Emory and Vanderbilt and want to pursue degrees including engineering, mathematics, biochemistry, economics and finance.

“As young people, you have so much potential,” said Allene Magill, PAGE Foundation executive director, to the students on Friday. “Your bright minds, your ability to network not just across your school but across the state of Georgia.

“It is a bright future when I look at faces like you. You really don’t understand how powerful you are.

The state STAR banquet is scheduled for April 18 in Atlanta.