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Lawmaker's bill clears House
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Forsyth County News


More than 30 education laws deemed outdated and redundant are one step closer to being repealed after a unanimous vote Wednesday.

The state House of Representatives voted 162-0 to approve House Bill 706, authored by Mike Dudgeon. The measure next moves to the state Senate.

Dudgeon, a Republican who represents District 24 in south Forsyth, said the list of potential repeals was based largely on recommendations from the state school board and superintendents’ associations.

The repeal would give school systems the ability to choose their own path on whether to allow cell phones, tablets and other technology in classrooms.

Other measures targeted for repeal include: one for annual school personnel performance evaluations; the set due date to allow for test results; and oversight on contracts or purchases.

As of Thursday afternoon, House Bill 705, a companion measure that would remove the 65 percent rule, had not been put to vote.

The bill would remove the requirement that schools allot 65 cents of every education dollar to classroom expenditures.