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More money raised, heads shaved for Otwell Middle School students with cancer
Lauren Morris and Steve Miller - photo by For the FCN

CUMMING — They may not have a lot of hair to share between the four of them, but they certainly make up for it in love.

Otwell Middle Principal Steve Miller and Jennifer Rupured, a sixth-grade language arts teacher at the school in Cumming, took their support for two of their students suffering from cancer to the next level by shaving their heads.

Lauren Morris, a sixth-grader, got on a chair to shave her principal’s head last week. It was her first day back to school “in a long time,” Miller said.

Morris has been sick for a couple of years, according to Rupured. She is in remission, but still suffers from residual effects of the brain tumor and chemotherapy treatments.

During fall break, Rupured met Kenan Frady, a seventh-grader, to get her new look at Great Clips.

He was diagnosed with acute leukemia two years ago and is going through his second of three years of chemo.

Miller and Rupured collected more than $5,000 for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, an organization that raised $39 million in 2014 for childhood cancer research.

Its main effort is to encourage people to raise money and shave their heads in celebration and support of reaching their goals.