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Night offers more than math at Chestatee Elementary
Mural unveiled, chorus performs
Chestatee Elementary Principal Polly Tennies, left, looks at the school's new mural with a parent and a student Thursday night. - photo by Kelly Whitmire

NORTHEAST FORSYTH — One local school’s math night also featured some art and music.

Thursday at Chestatee Elementary, parents and students played games, heard the school’s chorus sing and witnessed the official debut of a new mural.

“It was fabulous,” said Principal Polly Tennies. “The thing that we enjoy is that we had so many people out and were able to share so many things that were special about Chestatee. We had math … we had music, we had art. It was amazing.”

The new mural, which was painted by students and volunteers from North Forsyth High, took nearly a year to complete. It features several themes from the school, including some Chestatee students’ artwork.

“The color scheme, which is blue and gold, symbolizes the school. The eagle, which is present, is their mascot,” said Marsha Patterson, a North art teacher. “The bulletin board is actually done from the students from here and it represents their work and their doing.”

North student Chase LaVigne, who worked on the project, attended Chestatee as a child. He plans to study animation at Savannah College of Art & Design, but said his initial love of art came from a teacher at Chestatee.

“It feels really great, because I adore Ms. Hubbard. She’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m still painting and drawing. I love the inspiration she gave me as a little kid,” LaVigne said.

“I was really excited when I knew where the mural was going, because I knew it was going into good hands.”

Tennies was grateful for the gift.

“The mural, I would say it is a work of heart and art,” she said. “It is a gift that was given, and it was designed to intrigue children, make them happy and give them things to discover and find. It is something that should cost thousands of dollars.”

Also during the event, parents were shown games that teachers play with students to develop their math abilities. They also watched a presentation on how math is taught.

“We like to share how we are teaching math with our parents and our families, and help our parents be able to participate,” Tennies said. “So we had different levels of math, with the teachers teaching some games that they use to help children learn … the families got to participate with the teachers.”

The evening ended with a performance by the school’s chorus that featured several patriotic songs.

“The things that these kids can do, and the arrangement of what was presented on the variety of music was so interesting to listen to,” Tennies said. “The music teachers have such an ability to grow kids' talents.”