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School construction progressing in Forsyth County

FORSYTH COUNTY — Construction throughout schools in Forsyth County remains well under way after the start of the year, with a number of projects slated to be completed by spring and summer breaks.

Of the 15 schools, or nearly half the district’s total, with active projects, eight are under construction. The remaining seven are in the design and procurement stages.

One currently being designed is Denmark, the county’s sixth high school, which is scheduled to open fall 2018, according to Tom Wening, director of construction.

The district is in the process of prequalifying general contractors for the campus that will be between McFarland Parkway, Union Hill Road and Hwy. 9 in southwest Forsyth.

At West Forsyth High, eight general contractors prequalified for additions and renovations projects, for which a design is expected to be completed by March, Wening said.

Other high schools are months into their projects.

North Forsyth High is nearing the drying-in phase for most of its work, particularly a new gymnasium, classrooms and cafeteria.

An air barrier is set in the gym at South Forsyth High, allowing interior finishes to be worked on.

A Forsyth Central High, the brick front exterior of the school’s new entrance is coming together.

The drama, choral and fieldhouse additions should be ready to use by the end of spring break, Wening said.

In other construction updates:

* Windows in new classrooms at Lambert High have been installed as interior finishes are under way.

* Riverwatch and South Forsyth middle schools have roofing completed and interior finish work continuing.

* Brick work at DeSana Middle is finished and interior work continues.

* Roofing and the parking lot are complete at Brandywine Elementary.

Brandywine and DeSana are set to open this fall in the same general area as Denmark.