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Smart ... for fifth graders
School chief impressed with visit to Johns Creek
Kathy Cox 2 jd
State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox takes a response from fifth-grader Harrison Rosemont during a visit to Johns Creek Elementary School. - photo by Jim Dean

Johns Creek Elementary students received a visit Monday afternoon from State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox.

Some children were treated to her favorite children's book while others got to match wits with Cox, who in September won $1 million on the TV game show, "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader."

The school presented its own version of the game show, and students answered questions about math, geography and literature. Cox also participated.

"It was just awesome," said fifth-grader Jarrett Wright. "I loved it."
Inna Vargas agreed.

"It was fun," the fellow fifth-grader said. "The questions were easy."

Added classmate Harrison Rosemont: "The questions were not that hard, and it was fun."

Cox said she enjoyed visiting with the school's students.

"They're just delightful," she said. "They're not shy. You can tell they're very comfortable here. It means this is a great learning environment when students feel free to speak up and answer questions and tell you what they think."

Student Lindsey Linehan listened as Cox read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein to Donna Gunyon's fifth-grade class.

"It's one of my favorite books," said Linehan, also a fifth-grader. "It's a very good one."

Gunyon said she respected Cox's book selection.

"It was a very thoughtful choice," she said. "She did a great job reading it. It looked like the students really enjoyed the visit."

Cox was impressed with the Johns Creek students.

"They're clearly smart and have a good command of their vocabulary," she said. "I wish I'd had even more time to visit with them here."

Cox's appearance on the game show aired Sept. 7.

Adults on the show are asked grade-school level questions. It is played by a single contestant who earns money for every correct answer.

Cox gave her winnings to the state school system.