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South Forsyth Middle School celebrates Constitution Day
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A South Forsyth Middle School student writes his comments about the Bill of Rights. - photo by Kayla Robins
SOUTH FORSYTH -- The United States constitution may be a piece of paper, but the effects of its words came to life and rang through the halls of South Forsyth Middle School Friday. Students and teachers celebrated Constitution Day at the school on Windermere Parkway by learning about the document and what it means to Americans and even learned about what it was like to live in colonial America. “It’s a day that’s devoted to the constitution, and in each of our social studies classes we focus on … how fortunate we are to have a living document that is the oldest living document that runs a government, so we celebrate that and make sure that we are focusing on that in our curriculums,” said Kerry Hartshorn, an eighth grade teacher at South.