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Time capsule ceremony held at DeSana Middle School
2PRINT filmstrip web
One group of students made a filmstrip with photos of each student to put in the time capsule. - photo by Jim Dean Forsyth County News

On Friday, students of the newly opened DeSana Middle School gathered for a ceremony at the school’s gymnasium to place items representing life in 2016 in a time capsule that will be opened when each class graduates high school.

Several items covered big news and popular trends this year, which didn’t shock Principal Terri North.

“I thought it went well,” she said. “I was intrigued by the kids’ choices. Some of them you expected, like Pokémon and the Olympics and some of the presidential candidates.”

Other popular items, or ideas, represented popular apps and other technology, such as an iPhone and items representing hashtags and emojis.

“I liked the idea about of explaining about selfies, and that truly is about their generations, so who knows about what it will be in 2023 … if selfies will be around,” North said. “I thought they put some good thought into it.”

Many of the items, including some put in by teachers and administrators, were aimed at school pride; including a football jersey, a ticket to the school’s upcoming first football game, DeSana T-shirts and dragon — the school’s mascot — figures.

North said she felt getting the items together was a good way for the new school community to come together.

“I think more of that happened, not today, but during [homeroom] as the teachers led those discussions,” she said. “They talked about what life is like now and what it might be in the future, and just this whole day; this whole day was about building camaraderie and spending time together.”

The idea for a time capsule first came up over the summer during leadership retreats, but North said classes were in control of what students, or teachers, added.

“I really left it up to the teachers to lead those discussions,” she said. “We wanted not only students’ perspectives, but we wanted the teachers’ perspective too; that’s why we had one for the staff and groups of staff.”

North even wrapped up the ceremony by placing her own item, a picture of students forming a “D” on the school’s football field, in one capsule.

“We gave every kid here a DeSana T-shirt, and then we told them to wear them the next day because we we were going to do a full school photo,” North said. “We wanted to make a ‘D’ out on the football field, so we went out there after homeroom and made the [letter] as best we could, which I think is a pretty good effort for middle schoolers on the first try.”