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‘We the people...’
Students simulate signing
Constitution SFMS 6 es
Students in Forsyth County schools celebrated Constitution Day Sept. 17. - photo by Emily Saunders
Students in Forsyth County schools took part in a variety of activities Thursday to celebrate National Constitution Day.

The annual event encourages educators to teach students about the signing of the American Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787.

South Forsyth Middle School students welcomed Melissa Danielsson, a representative of the Martha Stewart Bulloch Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter, who brought handmade quills and ink for the students to sign a large parchment, simulating the Constitution signing.

Pat Ezzell, media specialist at the school, said students also participated in other activities throughout the week, including voting on “referendums” covering issues such as school uniforms and Constitution trivia during morning announcements.

A Bill of Rights Gallery Walk was created in the library, featuring the first 10 amendments. Classes could come in, review the amendments and discuss what they meant.