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Election guide 2010: U.S. House District 7
Efstration Chuck
Chuck Efstration - photo by Submitted

The District 7 U.S. House seat is currently held by John Linder, who is not seeking re-election.

There are eight Republican candidates and one Democrat. A runoff election, if necessary, would be Aug. 10. The General Election is Nov. 2.

The 7th District includes Forsyth County precincts 17, 19, 21 and 30, and a small part of precinct 8, all on the county’s south end.

Clay Cox, R
From: Lilburn
Family: Wife, Lisa; children, Connor and Carson
Education: Bachelor’s degree in criminology from Western Carolina University
Occupation: CEO of a probation business
Affiliations: Member of Lilburn Christian Church, Bethany Christian Services board, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, past member of the Rotary Club of South Gwinnett County and Greater Atlanta Christian School football coach
Why he’s running: “The federal government is out of control. They are unconstitutionally encroaching into our lives. They are killing jobs and regulating small businesses out of business. I’m going to congress to bring the federal government back to within the confines of the U.S. Constitution.”
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Chuck Efstration, R
From: Dacula
Family: Single, no children
Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Georgia and a juris doctor from Mercer University School of Law
Occupation: Gwinnett County DA’s Office prosecutor
Affiliations: Member of the Gwinnett County Republican Party, Greek Orthodox Christian Cathedral of the Annunciation, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Gwinnett County Bar Association.
Why he’s running: “We need new blood, fresh ideas and conservative leadership in Washington. I’m fed up with politicians talking like conservatives on the campaign trail and acting like liberals once elected. I will fight for the Fair Tax and never vote for a bill that includes an earmark. Voters deserve accountability and conservative leadership from their elected official.”
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Jef Fincher, R
From: Duluth
Family: Wife, Kathryn Andrews Fincher; children, Maggie Hunter and Kelly Fincher
Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Texas
Occupation: Commercial real estate broker and developer; Delta flight attendant for 34 years
Affiliations: Many, including member of the Rotary Club of Duluth, Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, Duluth First United Methodist Church
Why he’s running: “I was in the gallery of the House of Representatives when they passed the health care bill and I decided that it was filled with a house of politicians not a house of representatives. The fire in my belly, the reason I’m running, was there that night when they stuffed it down our throats and that’s what convinced me that I need to step out and run.”
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Ronnie Grist, R
From: Lawrenceville
Family: Single, no children
Education: Associate’s degree from Clayton Junior College (now Clayton State University)
Occupation: Retired technology and administrative services employee for the state of Georgia
Affiliations: Member of the Sons of the American Legion, Greater Atlanta Association U.S. Bowling Congress board and participated in several fundraisers through the legion for nonprofit organizations
Why he’s running: “It is time to get rid of career politicians and establishment-backed politicians. We the people need to take our government back. I’m tired of politicians that speak from one side of their mouth and do from the other. We need an honest, working-class person that speaks working-class language and has working-class values.”
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Jody Hice, R
From: Bethlehem
Family: Wife, Dee Dee; children, Anna and Sara
Education: Bachelor’s degree in Bible studies from Asbury College, master’s degree of divinity at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, doctorate of ministry from Luther Rice University
Occupation: Former senior pastor of Bethlehem First Baptist Church
Affiliations: Member of the Hebron Baptist Church, Barrow County Fire and Emergency Services chaplain, Barrow County Chamber of Commerce, Let Freedom Ring Ministries Inc. founder.
Why he’s running: “I’m just fearful of the direction our country is going ... Our country is heading in the wrong direction and I just have got to give everything I have and do everything I can to help restore our country.”
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Tom Kirby, R
From: Loganville
Family: Wife, Rosemary; children, Courtney, Leslie and Peyton
Education: Bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics from the University of Kentucky
Occupation: Human resource safety director for CertainTeed
Affiliations: Member of the Walton Career Academy, Leadership Walton alumnus and served on the Walton County Chamber of Commerce board
Why he’s running: “I announced my intention to run before John Linder ... announced he was retiring because I’ve been fed up with Washington for a long time and I think we’ve got to get back to the constitutional controls our founding fathers put in the constitution. We’ve got to reduce the size of government and get government out of our lives and I’m a strong believer that we’ve got to implement the Fair Tax.”
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Tom Parrott, R
From: Norcross
Family: Wife, Ellen; children, Thomas, Matthew and Andrew; and two grandchildren
Education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Suffolk University, master’s in accountancy from Arizona State University, master’s in Biblical counseling from Luther Rice
Occupation: CPA; recently ordained as a Baptist preacher
Affiliations: First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Gwinnett County Republican Party, Georgia Republican Party
Why he’s running: “I think it’s time that we take our country back. I feel as though there is a war against a worldview that would take our Judeo-Christian worldview to more of a secular, humanist-type view or a utopian view, and I believe the Constitution is under attack domestically. I am the only [GOP] veteran running.”
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Rob Woodall, R
From: Lawrenceville
Family: Single, no children
Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science from Furman University, juris doctor from the University of Georgia
Occupation: Chief of staff for Congressman John Linder for more than 10 years
Affiliations: Decatur First United Methodist Church, various chambers of commerce and several Republican Party groups
Why he’s running: “I can’t believe that at 18 months our country has moved as fast to the left as it has, and I am the only candidate in this race who can start on day one next year, turning back the clock to return freedom to this country. We cannot afford to lose three months, two months, even one week to training someone in Washington, D.C., and having worked with Congressman Linder, I have the skills to begin that fight and not to lose a single moment.”
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Doug Heckman, D
From: Norcross
Family: Wife, Pat; children, Dan, Tommy and Samantha
Education: Bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, master’s degree in business administration from Duke University
Occupation: financial services managing director; U.S. Army Reserves
Affiliations: Member of the Simpsonwood United Methodist Church, Operation One Voice advisory board, Military Academy Selection Board
Why he’s running: “Washington has become dysfunctional and we need representatives that are willing to work in the middle for solutions.”
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