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Award shows schools thrive in digital world
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Forsyth County News

Much to the chagrin of the Luddites among us, it is impossible to deny that we are living in an increasingly digital world.

From cell phone apps that monitor your health to satellite technologies that allow pictures to be taken of your back porch from thousands of miles away, the electronic interfaces between mankind and the world he inhabits are increasing at an exponential rate.

In some instances, the science fiction of our youth has become so much a part of our daily routines as to garner our attention only when something doesn’t work as it should.

At the rate our world is changing, we can only imagine what will be accepted as the digital norm a generation or two down the road. But whatever it is, students who are attending Forsyth County schools should be welcoming and well prepared.

Last month the county school system was again recognized as being one of the top 10 digital school districts in the nation.

The honor recognizes the degree to which the school system uses the most modern of technologies in order to better educate the students it serves. The recognition is given by the National School Boards Association and the Center of Digital Education.

The honor recognizes the many different ways the local school system takes advantage of technical advances, from classroom instruction to system-wide planning and fostering communication between schools, students and parents.

This year’s recognition is certainly no fluke. Five times since 2004 the county’s school system has earned the honor of being listed among the top 10 in the nation. This year Forsyth schools ranked second to a school system in Virginia.

The champion for technology for the school system is Bailey Mitchell, the system’s chief technology and information officer.

A school system that embraces digital innovation and incorporates it into daily operations is one that will better prepare its students for a lifetime of living with, and making the most of, amazing technologies.

Congratulations to all for a job well done.