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Share your ideas about schools
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Forsyth County News
Report the news from growing suburban counties long enough and you’ll find certain stories that never seem to change.

There will always be those who oppose construction of jails, sewer plants and landfills. There is never enough done to improve the flow of traffic. Multi-family rezoning approvals are going to be an affront to some. And there are always those who feel they are excluded from the decision making process, no matter what the issue.

The latter frequently seems to be an issue with local school systems. Facing the inevitability of controversial decisions that have to be made by those in charge of public education, there are those who always are quick to complain that no one asked their opinion about things.

Well, the Forsyth County School System is asking your opinion about a host of school-related issues.

As part of the process for developing a new three-year strategic plan, the school system is conducting an online survey to solicit local input. Completion of the survey only takes a few minutes, and topics covered range from curriculum to school cleanliness. In the weeks to come, online postings of comments and suggestions, as well as a forum for online discussion of ideas, also will be offered.

Those who want to make their opinions known in the survey have until Sept. 12 to do so. The opportunity to offer online ideas and suggestions, and to interact with others in an online discussion, will take place in October and November.
Despite the perception of some school system critics, the current effort to gain input from local residents is just one of many things the school system has done in recent years to solicit community input.

Unfortunately, those efforts are frequently forgotten when a controversy arises and someone is quick to complain “no one let us participate in the discussion.”

So here’s the opportunity to do so. Go to and help plan the school system’s future. Those who don’t take advantage of the opportunity to be heard need not whine at some future date that no one gave them a chance to be involved.