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Good news on CRCTs
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Forsyth County News
Summer is upon us, and the only thing rising faster than the temperature is the price of gasoline.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment is likely to hit 10 percent soon, bankers and car manufacturers are trying to establish their place in a strange new world, and the U.S. government has decided it is so efficient in so many areas that it might as well start running private businesses.

We all definitely could use a litle good news, and the county school system provided just that last week.

The release of scores for the annual Criterion-Referenced Competency Test showed students in Forsyth schools were among the state’s best.

The CRCT evaluates student knowledge in a variety of subjects at various grade levels. The Forsyth test scores show solid achievement in all subjects at different grade levels.

At every grade level tested, more than 96 percent of Forsyth students posted passing scores on the reading portion of the test.

More than 95 percent passed the math portion of the test in the first, second and seventh grades. The lowest percentage passing the math portion was in the fourth grade, and even that number was above 90 percent.

Forsyth was among the state’s top 10 systems in the four major categories of the testing — language arts, math, science and social studies. The CRCTs are one of the most important of the annual standardized tests, as they determine whether students will be promoted at some grade levels and are a component of evaluating compliance with federal No Child Left Behind standards.

Knowing that students in the county’s schools are getting a solid academic foundation may not solve all of our current problems, but a little good news on the education front is certainly welcome.