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Good time a sure thing at annual fair
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Forsyth County News
Feel the need for some relief from what has been a difficult and taxing year for many? Look no farther than the fairgrounds in Cumming.

The annual Cumming Country Fair & Festival is back in town, and that’s a very good thing.

The tradition of small communities hosting annual fairs goes back for decades in Georgia, but few have the quality of event that city officials bring to the county each year.

The Cumming fair has earned a reputation as being one of the best in the state, and the fairground facility provides a venue that few communities can match.

What makes the fair so enjoyable each year is that it is perfect family-oriented entertainment. Parents can comfortably take their children without concern for them being exposed to anything that might be inappropriate, and the city’s emphasis on safety and security is obvious.

Whether it’s rides, shows, games, animals, food, music or just crowd watching that you find entertaining, there’s something at the fair for everyone.

A significant distinction at the Cumming Fairgrounds is the recognition it gives to the history of the North Georgia area. With its Heritage and Indian villages, the fair provides a reminder for all of what rural, agrarian Georgia was once like.

The event is also an economic boon to the community, drawing visitors, and their tax dollars, to the city and county from throughout the area.

Cumming city officials deserve special recognition for their commitment to this annual event and what it has come to mean to the community. The fairgrounds facility is a valuable asset to the city year-round and not just for 11 days each fall.

The Cumming Country Fair and Festival continues through next weekend. We hope to see you there.