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Letter to the editor
Courtesy can go a long way
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Forsyth County News
It looks as if common courtesy and manners are taking a dive again.

Think not? Think about your last movie experience.

Ours included loud talking, cell phones flashing all over the place, and a family who left all sorts of trash and debris in the area where they were seated.

We’re at the point of waiting for movies to rent on DVD rather than spend our money at the theater.

Then, yesterday, I saw two able-bodied women unload their cart at Wal-Mart and leave their cart in a handicapped parking spot rather than push it 20 feet to the cart rack.

How would that woman feel if she needed to use the handicapped spot and it was blocked?

A moment of consideration and thinking of others goes a long way. Be courteous and see how good it feels.

Dan McLaughlin