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SAT scores something to brag about
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Forsyth County News


Another week, another accolade for the Forsyth County School System.

State and national honors for the local schools certainly are nothing new, and it’s not possible to acknowledge them all in this limited space. But come achievements are more noteworthy than others and deserve special recognition.

As with last week’s release of Georgia’s SAT scores.

In case you missed it, Forsyth County high schools, for the first time ever, had the top system score in the state. The system’s high schools combined for a 1,580 average on the SAT, handily surpassing both the state and national averages of 1,452 and 1,498 respectively.

The system’s combined average increased 12 points over the previous year, a significant number considering many systems in the state saw their averages about the same or less than 2012. The state average for 2013 mirrored that of the previous year, with no increase.

As we have noted in the past, it is impossible to accurately measure success in public education by focusing on any one individual standardized test score. That said, the SAT is perhaps the best known and most widely quoted of the various measurements used to track how well high schools prepare students for post-secondary education.

“This is an accomplishment that all educators and students and their families can celebrate,” said School Supt. Buster Evans. We certainly concur.

Each of the county’s high schools post averages that were higher than the national SAT average.

South Forsyth had the highest average of the county’s five high schools, scoring 1,668 out of a possible 2,400 points. The total showed a remarkable one year increase of 62 points.

Success on tests such as the SAT is just one measure of the overall quality of any school system, but it certainly bodes well when test scores are going up rather than staying flat or going down.

All those involved in the county’s schools – students, teachers, administrators and parents alike – should take pride in the system’s latest noteworthy accomplishment.