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Still a lot to brag about in Progress 2010
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Forsyth County News
Once each year, the staff of the Forsyth County News attempts to capture in one single “snapshot” a sense of what life is all about here in the county. The result is our Progress edition, which we proudly present to you with today’s newspaper.

Even in tough economic times, Forsyth County has an amazing story to tell — one of the nation’s most affluent counties, repeatedly a national leader in rate of growth, recognized nationally as a good place to do business, home to an exceptional school system.

In short, an area with a quality of life that instills envy in those living elsewhere.

Each year’s Progress edition is a reminder that we shouldn’t take for granted that which we enjoy on a daily basis. Looking back at Progress editions over a period of years helps to see just how far we have come since the county was a sparsely populated rural setting and Cumming just another small town in a state full of them.

The theme for this year’s edition is “community.” It is a word that encompasses in so many ways the interwoven connections of business, social, spiritual, educational and governmental entities in the county.

In the pages of this year’s edition you’ll find great stories on friends and neighbors. Long-time residents are certain to discover something new about the place they call home, and newcomers will get a sense of just how special their new address is.

In Forsyth County, community means a superior school system that is among the best in the Southeast; progressive governmental entities with powerful visions for the future; a rock-solid foundation of business and industry; and recreational opportunities that few areas can match.

Looking at how far the county has come in the past two decades, one can only imagine how far it may yet go. How long, for instance, before local opportunities for advanced education are expanded and the county can claim a college of its own, or additional satellite campuses to join those already here?

North Georgia College & State University, which already has a solid presence in the county, has certainly shown interest in doing more, as evidenced by the very informational series of lectures it is currently hosting here. With the expansion of North Georgia offerings and the continued growth of Lanier Tech, it isn’t hard to imagine the day that demand for advanced education results in a campus the county can claim as its own.

What else might the future hold? Already there are plans for a new aquatic center and the possibility of a future tourist’s attraction on Lake Lanier.
The voter-supported green space program is preserving land from development as well as financing new parks. New businesses are continuing to locate here. Libraries are being built. Transportation improvements made. Neighborhoods growing.

With careful planning and visionary guidance, the county’s potential for positive future development is unlimited. And whatever happens, you can read about it the Progress editions for years to come.

We hope you enjoy this very special section.