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The season to give thanks for blessings
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Forsyth County News
It is almost impossible to believe that we have again come to the season of Thanksgiving, that time set aside before the madness of the Christmas rush to pause and reflect on those things for which we should all be thankful.

Given the current state of affairs at home and abroad — wars on multiple battlefronts, dire economic news, an unstable political climate and an increasingly uncivil society, we may be remiss in counting our blessings.

But we shouldn’t be. We enjoy the luxury of living in what continues to be the world’s greatest nation, even if its image may have slipped a bit of late. In truth, much of those areas that cause us so much worry do so because we have become so accustomed to unbridled success and rarely limited excess.

As we worry about war, we should be thankful that as a nation we are represented by the finest military the world has ever known, thanks to the selfless dedication of men and women of great character.

As we worry about unemployment, we should be thankful that though times are tough, the nation’s employment rate is still near 90 percent, and that many of those jobs are among the best to be found in the world.

As we worry about what sometimes seems to be political chaos in our nation’s Capitol, we should be thankful that our political differences can be resolved peacefully at the ballot box, without the bloodshed and violence that are common in other parts of the world.

As we worry about the increasingly harsh and bitter tone that seems to permeate public discourse, we should give thanks that as a whole we remain a caring, compassionate, giving society willing to reach out to those in need through the actions of volunteers and philanthropists alike.

As we worry about the terrorists of the world, we should give thanks that our nation’s defenses have generally proven to be sufficient to stop those who wish to do us harm.

As we worry about the world in general, we should give thanks for that small corner of the universe over which we have dominion — our own lives, homes, families, communities.

As a society we are too often a fickle lot, cursing the lack of rain one day, an abundance of rain the next. In truth, most of the world’s population cannot imagine the quality of lives we enjoy, and would be embarrassed to complain about those things that so often seem to vex us.

Yes, there is much in our daily lives over which we must worry, but too often we fail to allow ourselves to revel in the pleasure of what we have that is truly important.

It is time for the season of Thanksgiving. Let us all join in rejoicing in those things that make our lives precious.