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GOP mass precinct meeting Saturday
Event will be at Central High
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Forsyth County News

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The Mass Precinct Meeting will run from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Saturday at Forsyth Central High School, on 520 Tribble Gap Road in Cumming. Photo identification will be required to register. For more information, e-mail or visit

The Forsyth County Republican Party is calling on all Republicans to attend its mass precinct meeting Saturday.

The meeting is the first in a two-step process the local GOP undergoes to elect its officers, which is why attendance is so important, said Chairman Ethan Underwood.

“What is unique about the Republican Party is that we don’t have superdelegates or vetoes at higher levels that trump the grass roots,” he said.

“We pick our leaders at the precinct level, then at the county level, then the district, then the state and ultimately the national level.”

During Saturday’s meeting, any county resident that supports the Republican Party principles is invited to help elect precinct officers and delegates, who in turn will attend the county convention March 12.

Only the delegates can vote for officers at the convention.

Underwood, who plans to seek re-election, said a couple hundred delegates typically participate.

In addition to the chairmanship, delegates will also be voting on the first and second vice chairs, recording and corresponding secretaries, treasurer and delegates to the District 7, District 9 and state Republican conventions.

Candidates can be declared by a delegate or nominated from the floor.

The convention process is how the party chooses its leadership for the next two years. Underwood said he’s hoping for a record turnout.

“It is vital that we choose good leaders, as these are the people that will be organizing our efforts during the 2012 presidential election,” he said.