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Heat wave could lead to new record highs

ATLANTA (AP) — Forecasters say high temperatures in the mid-80s could break records in Southern states.

The National Weather Service forecasts a high of 83 degrees in Forsyth County and 82 degrees in Atlanta on Tuesday. That would tie the record high for the date, set in 2012.

The weather service projects highs Tuesday in the mid-80s in the Georgia cities of Athens, Columbus and Macon. Record highs in those cities range from 85-87 degrees for this date.

In northern Alabama, high temperatures in the lower to mid-80s will be about 20 degrees above normal.

The weather service is projecting a high of 83 degrees in Birmingham, Ala., which would approach the record of 84 for the date.

In Texas, the weather service said record highs will be possible along the Interstate 35 corridor in the Austin and San Antonio areas.