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Here's where the sidewalk ends
Roadwork can stir confusion
post road sidewalk for FR FR 5-28-09
A sidewalk at Post Road and Hwy. 20 comes to an abrupt end. - photo by Frank Reddy

Wondering why there's a new sidewalk at an old crossing?

It may very well be one of several projects in Forsyth County paid for with state or federal funds.

When making upgrades at intersections, the state Department of Transportation is required to build new crosswalks and sidewalks on location.

Officials with the DOT could not be reached for comment Thursday.

But Tim Allen, the county's assistant director of engineering, said the area surrounding a traffic signal must be updated "regardless of whether there's sidewalk connectivity or not."

The situation can result in a sidewalk that ends just hundreds of feet from an intersection.

Such short stretches can be confusing and have been known to draw "sidewalk to nowhere" comments and criticism from residents.

There are seven intersections in the county that currently are part of this type DOT project, including recent roadwork at Post Road and Hwy. 20.