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Hunt on in hit and run
Truck struck dog in yard, barely missed boy
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Jenny Brock, 7, looks at a memorial for Wilson, her family's 3-year-old beagle that was hit by a truck in their front yard. The driver of the pickup truck also nearly hit one of Brock's older brothers before leaving the scene. - photo by Emily Saunders

A north Forsyth family and their neighbors are searching for answers in the death of a beloved resident who was struck last week by a pickup truck.

Wilson, a 3-year-old beagle, died after he was run over in the front yard of the Brock family home on Oak Grove Circle. The driver, who did not stop, also nearly hit Tonya Brock's 9-year-old son, Jake.

Brock said Wilson was not only a member of their family, but was well known in their community. One of her neighbors has offered a $250 reward for information about the incident.

"It's still been hard and I'm hoping I can find out who did this," said Brock, whose two other children saw the incident from their front porch. "I at least owe [Wilson] that much."

Forsyth County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Garrison met with Brock on Wednesday to take a report of the incident, which has been classified as a hit and run.

Brock said they were unable to get the license plate number on the truck, which she described as a dark, full-size extended cab Chevrolet pickup with a toolbox. The family could not tell if a man or woman was driving.

Garrison said it will be difficult to investigate without the tag number, but the information is still valuable.

He said the report will be provided to the sheriff's north precinct in the event a truck matching the description is stopped.

"It doesn't hurt to just look into it," Garrison said. "I wish we had more than (the description), but we're going to go ahead and document it and get it taken care of."

He said these types of cases are difficult to solve "because there is no license plate."

"And unless we see it, it's very difficult to press charges," he said. "Unless we talk to the guy and he says, 'Yeah it was me.'

"But these are few and far between though, thank goodness. I'm a big animal lover and that must have been devastating for her little boy."

Brock said the incident happened about 11 p.m. Aug. 4, when a truck veered about 10 feet off the road into her yard, hit Wilson and barely missed Jake.

Brock said the driver got back on the road and "kept on going."

"It's been really hard," she said. "It kind of just stunned us."

She said her 7-year-old daughter, 14-year-old son and a couple of friends watched from their porch. Brock was on her way out the front door when she heard them screaming.

"You could have heard my kids a mile away," she said.

Brock said she wouldn't push the issue if Wilson had been in the road. She has asked around her neighborhood for information about the vehicle, but has had no luck.

After Wilson was hit, the dog dragged himself to Brocks' driveway.

"He came in the house and I was sitting there rubbing his head," she said. "He was real calm."

Brock then took Wilson to a 24-hour veterinary clinic, where she learned he had a shattered pelvis, broken leg and damaged bladder. She said treatment would have cost about $3,000.

"I had to have him put down," she said, adding that she was discouraged from taking Wilson home that night.

"When I tried to take him home with me the vet said, 'I don't feel comfortable with you doing that and what kind of vet would I be if I let you take him out of here,'" Brock said.

She said she has lost sleep over the loss and her children cried themselves to sleep that night.

Saturday, the Brocks set up a memorial to Wilson in their yard. It's marked by a cross with flowers and Wilson's picture, toys and collar.

Brock said people have offered her husband beagle puppies.

"They're not going to replace Wilson and they're not going to be the same, but they've actually offered some beagle pups," she said, adding that she is uncomfortable with the idea of taking in another dog.