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Hwy. 369 work nears halfway mark
Jot Em Down almost ready
jot em down 2 jd
The Hwy. 369-Jot Em Down Road crossing has received a new traffic signal and is being repaved. - photo by File photo
The third of six intersection improvements along Hwy. 369 in northern Forsyth County should be complete after the new year.

The Hwy. 369-Jot Em Down Road crossing has received a new traffic signal and is being repaved, said Teri Pope, spokeswoman for the state Department of Transportation.

“We are thankful to the community for their patience throughout construction,” she said.

“Hopefully, as some of the work is finishing at Shady Grove and at Holtzclaw, you can see how this work is improving traffic flow and helping your daily life by getting you where you are going.”

The $4.04 million Hwy. 369 improvement project, which has been slowed by rain this year, is being funded by the state and Forsyth County's 1-cent sales tax.

The intersection work includes raising the grade of the road, improving sight distance and, in some cases, realigning the intersections.

The Hwy. 369 crossings with Holtzclaw and Hendrix roads are complete, Pope said, with Jot-Em-Down and Shady Grove roads next in line.

The Shady Grove Road intersection was about 90 percent complete as of last week. Shoulders need to be built, but the signal is operational and new turning lanes are open, Pope said.

The final two intersections are at Doc Bramblett Road, which awaits a signal, and Waldrip Road, where Pope said there is “still much work to do."

“We're just getting started there,” she said.

DOT officials said crews and local law enforcement will continue to monitor the area to help drivers adjust to the changes.