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Ideas for park sites vary
Some seek trails, others play areas
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The public input meeting for Forsyth County's three northern green space properties is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Coal Mountain Community Park Building, 3560 Settingdown Road.

Walking trails, preserving nature and dog parks were some of the top requests from residents as Forsyth County makes plans for four green space properties.

During a public meeting last month, people offered input on what they want at the McClure, Buice, Harrison and Echols sites.

The feedback will go toward shaping the first drafts of master plans for the four passive parks.

In conjunction with design firm Mactec, master plans are being drawn up for seven properties total.

The remaining three properties -- Eagle's Beak, Lanierland and the third phase of Sawnee Mountain Preserve, all in north Forsyth -- will be discussed at a public meeting Tuesday.

Other than the preserve, the properties were bought with money from the 2008 voter-approved $100 million parks, recreation and green space bond.

The parks and recreation board reviewed the residents' summarized wish list at a recent meeting.

Those who submitted comments March 31 overwhelmingly backed dog parks, said Tommy Bruce, assistant director of parks and recreation.

Noting the four properties aren't too far apart, director Jerry Kinsey said dog areas likely would be spread out among them.

Walking paths and and connecting the properties through trails also drew wide support.

The likes and dislikes listed for each property seemed to vary by site and person.

"You've got the people who want it and right below you've got the people who don't want it," said Cindy Mills, board member.

For example, some favored a playground at the Harrison property, while others did not want any type of development.

At the Echols property, which received the most feedback, a library drew support and opposition.

At the Buice property, which is across the street from Lambert High School, opinion was split on student parking.

Some did not want any parking, while others supported it as a revenue generator.

Kinsey estimated the site, which will house a recreation center, could also hold about 150 parking spaces.

Some more unique requests included a canoe launch at the McClure property, which borders the Chattahoochee River, and a rope park at the Buice site.

Staff will review the comments with Mactec next week to come up with a concept for commissioners as early as April 26, Kinsey said.