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In wake of water advisory, residents encouraged to register cell phones with 911 Center


To register your information with the county website, click HERE.   The link to register your number is at the bottom of this information page. 

For more information about registering a cell phone number with the emergency notification system, or if you have difficulty with the online system, call Michelle Smith with the Forsyth County 911 Center at (770) 781-3087.

NORTH FORSYTH — While some residents in the two-mile radius of north Forsyth affected by a boil water advisory over the weekend did not receive a notification from the county, there is an avenue to ensure they do the next time such measures are taken.

Households that did not receive the alert from the automated phone calling system instructing them to boil their water before drinking or cooking it may not have landlines, according to Pat Giordano, director of Forsyth’s 911 Center.

Landlines, or home phones, are automatically registered in the database that generates the automatic calls, texts or emails, she said, and they can be filtered based on location.

However, many households are foregoing landlines for cell phones, and the latter are included in the database only if registered by the resident.

“We do public education, and we do tell people to register their cell phones,” Giordano said.

Residents can have a cell phone registered for the notification system in place of a home telephone. They can also have both registered and can include VOIP or digital voice phones.

Registering numbers in addition to or in place of home phones will not change the number and address recognition when calling 911 in times of emergency, according to Giordano.

Registration can be completed online in the 911 Center’s department page of the county website,

Numbers can also be registered for weather alerts, which can be filtered for certain types of inclement situations. Those include severe thunderstorms, flash flood or tornado warnings.

Residents also can register up to five additional contacts, such as parents, siblings and spouses, under their account.

The question of why some residents did not receive the boil water advisory arose after a vehicle reportedly struck a fire hydrant off Mockingbird Road on Saturday morning. The collision caused a water main break and low or zero pressure at some households.

The advisory was a precaution, county officials have said, but those who went without the notification were nonetheless concerned.