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Incident reports: Damaged property victim alleges "gang members" at fault

Driver cited for pot possession

After her vehicle was observed weaving in its lane, a Forsyth County woman has been arrested and cited for the possession of marijuana.

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report filed June 17, at about 2 a.m. a Toyota 4-Runner SUV was observed crossing the center line and was subsequently pulled over.

The report states that upon contact with the deputy, the driver allegedly admitted to drinking for several hours through the day and claimed that mechanical issues with her vehicle were the reason for the way she was driving.

“While speaking with [the driver], I did not observe any signs that she was impaired. I did, however, smell the odor of marijuana,” the deputy states in the report.

After she was asked to step out of the vehicle, the driver admitted that she had a small amount of marijuana in the center console and in her purse. Upon a search of her vehicle, the deputy stated that he found three baggies, a plastic container and a metal pipe in the vehicle.

The driver was then arrested, placed in handcuffs and put into a patrol car.

“Due to [the driver’s] honesty, the small amount of marijuana and her positive employment, she was released from custody on citations,” the report states.

Suspicious person call leads to meth arrest

On June 18, authorities responded to a 911 call that the tenant of a north Forsyth resident was screaming and kicking the walls.

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report filed June 18, upon arrival deputies questioned the resident, who denied that he had been screaming or kicking anything.

The report states that when the resident’s name was entered into the GCIC database, it returned with a warrant out of Lumpkin County. While in the residence, the deputy stated that they observed several knives throughout the kitchen areas, but no other weapons.

While in custody, waiting on the outcome of the Lumpkin County warrant, the deputy states that he observed the resident allegedly putting a clear plastic bag with a white substance into his pants.

The resident later allegedly admitted that the substance was methamphetamine.

After the resident led the deputy to several used needles in the residence, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Damage reported to vehicle allegedly caused by “gang members”

According to a Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office incident report filed June 20, deputies responded to a damaged property call in north Forsyth and found one vehicle with damage to its windshield.

The report states that upon arrival at the residence, deputies found a male victim in the front yard with his shirt off “screaming and throwing a flashlight.”

The resident stated that someone threw two bricks at his car and said that he suspected neighbors involved with a “street gang” had caused the damage. He said that in the past those same neighbors had thrown rocks at his house.

The resident stated that it would cost about $300 to repair the damage.