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Ingram Funeral Home launches emergency app

CUMMING -- Ingram Funeral Home and Crematory has recently partnered with local first responders to urge Forsyth County residents to download an app that is intended to make saving lives easier.

The app, Vital ICE (in case of emergency), was created by the company Vitalboards, a self-proclaimed public safety program.

The owner and president of the Cumming funeral home, Jack Allen, recently recognized “a very unique opportunity to assist our local first responders through an ingenious marketing initiative that could help save lives,” the funeral home wrote in a news release.

Vital ICE, its website says, “locally stores user medical information, emergency contacts and more, and can be easily accessed by EMS and first responders in situations where the user is unable to speak or is otherwise incapacitated.”

The website adds that medics and first responders are also given access to a back office site, where they can send emergency communications and alerts to app users in the vicinity.

The app also allows users to photograph and store images of current insurance cards.

Though the app is free to download, Ingram’s code gives users “pro” features. That code is No. 2388.