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Kemp meets south Forsyth voters during breakfast rally
Brian Kemp speaks to voters at the Polo Fields Country Club during a rally held Saturday. - photo by Alexander Popp


With morning golfers teeing up and cooking bacon in the air, Forsyth County voters had one last chance before Tuesday’s primary runoff election to meet and shake hands with Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp during an event held Saturday morning at the Polo Golf and Country Club in south Forsyth.

The event was kicked off by a few words from state Sen. Michael Williams, who told a story about meeting Kemp earlier on the campaign trail and calling him a standup guy. 

"He's down to earth, he's humble and he's going to make a great governor," Williams said. "Also he is not bought and paid for by lobbyists and special interests." 

After stepping up to the microphone, Kemp thanked the audience for coming out so early on a Saturday and thanked Williams for his endorsement early in the runoff.

"Michael was the first person to endorse my campaign in the runoff, never one bit of hesitation; he has done every single thing that we've asked him to do,” he said. “I just appreciate the people that can fight hard and then put that behind them and move on.”

After thanking the people gathered at the country club, Kemp quickly jumped into the topic of President Donald Trump's recent endorsement of his campaign last week on Twitter, calling the tweet “not timid whatsoever” and saying that the president and vice president are “all in.”

“We are in it to win,” he said. “And very much appreciative of that and the president’s willingness to stand with me … we'll all be standing with him in 2020." 

Kemp said that over the past two weeks his campaign has traveled across the state reaching out to voters, saying that they have secured support from local elected officials in “all 159 counties” in Georgia.

 "We have had a fantastic two weeks," he said. "We drove 1,860 miles … we went to 37 counties, 40 stops in seven days and it was amazing on the ground. People were fired up, great momentum." 

Kemp also talked for several minutes about how he thought the campaign had gone over the last year, calling it a “putting Georgians first bus tour.”

“I have been talking about that for 15 months,” he said. “We need a governor that's going to put Georgians first, ahead of the special interests … the politically correct, the status quo and those that are here illegally, and that is exactly who I am.”