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Amanda Amburgy helped a young passenger with special needs, and a message of compassion spread on social media
Amanda Amburgy and Xayvior Redding 041019 web
Amanda Amburgy comforts 5-year-old Xayvior Johnson during a flight from Washington, D.C., to Atlanta on March 30. The story about Amburgy’s kindness toward Xayvior, who is autistic, spread on social media. (Photo courtesy Sonja Redding)
There was already a certain amount of anxiety for the Redding family as they boarded their Delta flight in Washington, D.C., on March 30 for a stop in Atlanta on the way back home to Omaha, Neb. They had visited the National Institute of Health in Maryland for a research study about the rare and potentially life-threatening disease that their 5-year-old son Xayvior and his older sister both have. While there, Xayvior was also diagnosed with autism.