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Bicycle Rodeo for kids Friday at Fowler Park

SOUTH FORSYTH — Friday may be an early release day for students in the Forsyth County school system, but one group still wants to teach them something.

Safe Kids Forsyth, a group that works to prevent childhood injuries, is holding a Bicycle Rodeo from 1 to 4 p.m. at Fowler Park to help kids from ages 5 to 14 learn bike safety.

“We’re going to have a couple different agencies along with some other volunteers help checking out bikes, making sure they fit the child, everything like that,” said Laura Coleman, a Forsyth firefighter and coordinator of Safe Kids Forsyth.

She added that they’ll also be checking to make sure the children’s bicycle helmets fit them. “If not, we have some free helmets that they can give away.”

Coleman said that the event will teach kids several riding and safety techniques.

“After that then they go through different areas. It starts next to the playground, so it’s the center of the park,” she said. “Then they go through different areas and learn how to mount and dismount their bikes, learn about weaving, straight line control, how to stop and how to drive their bikes slowly.”

According to Safe Kids Forsyth, the most common sports-related emergency room trips for kids are the result of bike wrecks. Proper riding and helmets can reduce risks.

“A lot of the accidents that are happening, even to adults, is when they fall from their bike and they actually hit their head.” Coleman said. “Not everyone gets treated, because a lot of parents are like, ‘Oh, you’re OK,’ that type of thing. But they may find out later down the road that they had a concussion at some point or something like that.”

The event has a plan if place in case of inclement weather.

“If it rains, we’re actually going to do a smaller version, a little safety fair along with more of an obstacle course type underneath the large pavilion next to the playground,” Coleman said.

Fowler Park is at 4110 Carolene Way, off Hwy. 9 across from where it meets Castleberry Road in south Forsyth.