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Community stakeholder meetings resume
Agents spotlight Extension Service
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Forsyth County News

CUMMING — Representatives of about a dozen community groups came together Monday to network and share information about their agencies.

Forsyth County Community Connection director Niki Colella said stakeholder meetings are typically held each month, but weren’t in June and July due to summer vacation.

Colella said the gatherings give those who work at human services nonprofits a chance to share news and get information that can help them in their work.

“It’s a great chance for them to come together in one location to network with each other and let the other agencies know about all the things they have going on,” Colella said.

Besides the networking aspect, each meeting also features a speaker, who shares information that can be useful to all the agencies.

During the meeting Monday at the Coal Mountain Community Building, representatives of the Forsyth County Extension Service discussed some of the outreach programs offered.

The three local extension agents each presented information about their respective areas, which include youth development programs through the 4-H organization, family and consumer sciences, and natural resources information through programs such as Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists.

“Sometimes extension is thought of as the best-kept secret in a community,” said agent Michele Melton. “But that’s not at all what we want it to be. We want everyone to know about all of our programs and offerings.”

The agents — who also include Heather Kolich over natural resources programs, and Emily Addis for 4-H — said a big part of their jobs is answering questions of all types from the general community.

They encouraged the nonprofits to pass along their contact information to clients and to keep them in mind if they had need of any programs relating to their areas of expertise.

For more information about the Forsyth County Extension Service can be found at or by calling (770) 887-2418.