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Family visits 36 parks in one Saturday
Annabelle Kellogg recently visited 36 local parks in one day with her parents, Brad and Trish. - photo by Hilary Butschek

A Forsyth County family recently gave itself a challenge to explore the local outdoors in one day.

The Kelloggs — mom, Trish, dad, Brad, and 8-year-old daughter, Annabelle — set out to visit every single public park in the county.

Over the course of a Saturday, they would see, test and evaluate all that Forsyth has to offer in playgrounds, scenic spots and nature.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing,” Brad Kellogg said of the decision.

Trish Kellogg added that some planning went into the logistics of moving from park to park, since visiting 22 in one day would be a large feat.

The family drew a map and numbered the parks they would visit based on what was convenient.

On the actual day, however, Trish Kellogg said their daughter began asking to stop at neighborhood playgrounds they passed. With that, the family added 14 more stops.  

“We started out really energized,” Trish said, “and you wouldn’t think it would take that much energy.”

The parents joined Annabelle on the playgrounds, never too old for playing outdoors.

And after visiting 36 parks in one day, the family was exhausted.

“I almost fell asleep in the car,” Annabelle Kellogg said.

In comparing the parks, the family agreed one favorite was Caney Creek Preserve for its exciting ropes course.

Another highlight was when Brad Kellogg got a chance to share some Forsyth County history with his daughter.

When the family visited Poole’s Mill Park, he retold the legend of the haunted covered bridge, giving her just a bit of a scare for good measure.

“It was good family time,” Trish Kellogg said. “And we also got to see what they’ve done with our community dollars.”

The family didn’t find many faults in the local parks and Trish Kellogg said she especially enjoyed the creative new playground equipment.

“When we grew up, it was all slides and swing sets and seesaws,” she said. “Now, they even take it a step further with the kids’ imaginations.”

For example, she said, her daughter liked the sculpture of a boat on water at Chattahoochee Pointe. 

The family has always enjoyed spending time outdoors, Brad Kellogg said.

“If it was up to me, we’d be camping out every night,” he said. “But the girls don’t favor that.”

His wife understands how many children don’t often spend much time outdoors today.

“Now there are a lot of different challenges,” she said. “It’s just easier to do, to set the kids in front of the TV.”

It was even a challenge for the Kelloggs to spend an entire day outdoors.

“We had to have a push to say, ‘OK, we’re going to do it,’ because it’s very easy to let the weekend go by and do the normal stuff,” she said.

Since hearing about the family’s trip, other kids in the neighborhood have told her they want to come along next time.

The family said it would definitely spend a day at the parks again and has since revisited some of their favorites.