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Forsyth-based pet consultant pens second book
Uses telepathy to link with critters
Tim Link book cover


Forsyth County resident Tim Link’s books — “Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale” and “Talking with Dogs and Cats” can be found at major bookstores and online retailers.

FORSYTH COUNTY -- Tim Link used to work in telecommunications, but he switched careers in 2007. His job since then has involved a whole different set of communication skills — he talks with animals.

The Forsyth County resident realized he had the ability to communicate with animals some 10 years ago after attending a workshop with the late Judy Byers. He learned more there than he had anticipated.

“Little did I know that during that time in 2004, it was all going to change,” he said. “There was a major shift going on in my life, which in turn allowed me to connect with animals on a much deeper level than I ever expected.

“As I continued to work with it and grow it and trust what I was receiving from the animals, it actually turned into much more than what I had anticipated. It was quite a blessing that it had occurred.”

Link made the career change and started his own business, Wagging Tales. He meets with pet owners seeking to connect with their animals — living or not.

“I’ve been doing this full time, working with people around the world, helping them with challenges they’re having with their animals and change in behaviors, working with people who have animals who are about to make their transition or have made their transition and crossed over,” Link said.

He added that he also has helped reunite missing pets with their families, and can identify possible issues in ailing animals.

“I do work with vets when they are having some challenges struggling to figure it all out … when I’m working with an animal and I detect some challenges within their body or some disease within certain parts of their body, I can relay that to their human companion,” Link said. “[The pet owner] can give their veterinarian some guidance.”

Earlier this month, Link published his second book, “Talking with Dogs and Cats,” which serves as a guide for pet owners dealing with common animal issues.

The first part focuses on how humans can communicate with animals both visually and verbally. Link said some of the techniques are not as difficult as they may seem. Alot of ideas are “basic stuff, stuff you’re probably already doing and don’t even realize it.”

The second part of “Talking with Dogs and Cats” addresses everyday problems that pet owners encounter. That includes “everything from why is Fluffy not using the litter box [to] why does my dog always bark when the doorbell rings,” Link said.

Link has years of experience interacting with animals, having served as the president of the Humane Society of Forsyth County in 2008.

He worked with the organization for several years before taking on that role and has continued his involvement with the group. He said his events and workshops often benefit the Humane Society and similar nonprofits.

Communicating with his own pets has also been a highlight of his career, he said. He and his wife adopted schnauzers Woody and Buzz the day before they were scheduled to be euthanized.

The dogs were relatively new to his household when he began communicating with animals.

“Little did I know that four months later this gift of mine would open up, and during that whole journey of learning what this is all about, I learned a lot of lessons from them as well,” Link said.

He said Woody in particular was his “muse” as he entered the field of animal communication.

Link compiled short stories about his early experiences communicating with animals, including his interactions with Woody and Buzz, in his first book, “Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale.” That book was published in 2009.