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How one Forsyth County resident is rallying donations for victims of Hurricane Michael
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Bethe Vincent loads a case of water on the trailer at the Cumming Fairgrounds Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018, to be taken to victims of Hurricane Michael. - photo by Jim Dean

A local group is accepting donations this week, water in particular, for a town in Florida still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Michael.

Troy Embrey, with the group Mission Overwatch, said a trailer will be at the Cumming Fairgrounds, 235 Castleberry Road, going through Friday to take items to Springfield, Fla., located near Panama City.

“When you have these bad things come through and the initial wave of support goes down there, they go through it so quickly that a week or two later we are so programmed to kind of forget about it and kind of turn the page that they get kind of forgotten about down there,” Embrey said.

Embrey said though water is the main focus, they will be taking all types of items needed by the communities.

“They’re also needing other things down there like diapers, toiletries, toilet paper, canned goods, things of that nature, but primarily water,” Embrey said, “Primarily bottled water or a gallon, whatever people can bring.”

He said groups in the area are also requesting contractor trash bags, tarps, batteries, flashlights and “mostly just stuff you can use to clean up.”

Embrey said he heard about the needs of the area from Scott Wilson, a detective with the city of Cumming that is working a security job in the area, who in turn heard about the need for water from a local pastor.

“We had a conversation with him and he told us about his community and their needs,” Wilson said in an email. “He is trying to feed and provide for his community, and that's what made us reach out for donations for them.”

Wilson said he has been in the area since the day after the storm hit and was contracted through at least the start of 2019. He said the area was one of the hardest hit.

Even before the drive officially started, Embrey said he already had commitments for 22 pallets of water.

“To me, this is a way Forsyth County can do something that has a direct effect on the community down there that is in the middle of all that,” Embrey said. “I hope people get behind it. I think they will.”