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Local band traveling U.S. to promote new album
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The Status, is from left, Mike Felker, Ben Grant, Andy Thompson and Danny Grant. The band is on its second national tour for the release of its latest album, “So This is Progress.” The band formed in Forsyth and Dawson counties. - photo by Photo/Submitted

Forsyth County mom Pam Felker is about as happy as a mother can be for her son, Mike, whose band The Status is cruising through the United States on their second national tour.

She describes her son’s band as “not quite that alternative. They’re more easy-listening than alternative.”

The Status is coming back to town Nov. 6 to play The Loft in Atlanta. “A lot of people in North Georgia listen to them,” Pam Felker said. “They played a lot in the Dawson County area.”

Mike Felker, 26, is a 2001 Forsyth Central graduate and plays drums for the pop rock band whose recent album “So This is Progress” has been released to some good reviews.

The drummer and fellow band mates were on the road Tuesday headed from Tucson, Ariz., to Tulsa, Okla. “It’s a long drive,” he said. “We’re excited about this tour.”

Pam Felker said the band met at North Georgia College & State University, and they often performed at His Rock Cafe in Dawson County. The rest of the band, Ben Grant, Andy Thompson and Danny Grant, graduated from Dawson County High School.

The group got its start as a Christian band playing for the NGCSU praise band at the school’s Bible Chapel, Pam Felker said.

She said her son has been playing music since he was 5 years old.

“I’m such a mean mom,” she said, laughing. “I made all my boys take piano lessons, but he’s the only one of the three that stuck with music. The others got into sports.” Mike has two brothers, Matthew and Mitch, and father, Frank.

She recalls a third grade talent show when her son got up on stage and played a keyboard in front of a large crowd.
“He’s not afraid to be on the stage in front of people. It doesn’t bother him at all.”

Pam Felker said her son hasn’t forgotten his Forsyth County roots. In fact, he’s currently a “Lowe’s employee by day and a rock star by night.”

Mike Felker works part-time at the retailer’s location on Market Place Boulevard.

“They let him work here while he’s in town,” she said.

Mike Felker described his boss as “really cool.”

“I’m hoping I’ll still have a job when I get back in town,” he said.

Pam Felker said The Status’ big break came when the lead singer of a band called Bayside found the band on a social networking Web site. “The guy from Bayside heard them and decided he liked them,” she said. “Then he took them under his wing and took them on this tour.”

The band’s tour is promoting their newest album. “It’s getting received really well,” Mike Felker said.

“We’re getting really good responses and reviews. We’re really glad to have this chance.”

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