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Pastor's book foresees cultural revolution
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Forsyth County News


History is about to be repeated, a local minister cautions in his new book.

First Redeemer Church Pastor Richard Lee said America is on the brink of revolution.

“America’s reached a boiling point with its government and there’s a cultural revolution that’s going to be coming about,” he said. “We see it in the Tea Party. We see it in the Occupy Wall Street groups.

“So the real question is, is it going to be a revolution at the voting booths, or will it be a revolution in the streets?”

The book, titled “The Coming Revolution,” is Lee’s 18th. Each publication stays in the arena of God and country, including “The American Patriot’s Bible” and “In God We Still Trust.”

Lee said this particular one is based on his doctorate studies at the University of Oxford on “the first revolution and what brought it about.” It’s the focus of his dissertation.

“As I studied … I saw another revolution happening in the very same way,” he said.

Lee said he prays his prediction of revolution is limited to voters at the polls. But even after the upcoming elections, he suspects the anger will not subside.

“I think between now and the next election, we’ll see some continued resistance in the streets as we have in the past,” he said. “When I see the events unfolding and I look back at American history, the scenario we’re going through is really not new. It’s been tried before.

“And Americans have taken a stand against the power of secularism, socialism and many other forces.”

Lee’s reach extends beyond his sermons and writings. He’s also president of There’s Hope for the Hungry food distribution campaign, president of Whispering Hope Women’s Resource and Pregnancy Center and is a speaker on There’s Hope America TV and radio broadcasts.

“The Coming Revolution” is available at many large book stores.

The church is holding a book signing for Lee after services on Sunday. The signing will begin at noon in the church, 2100 Peachtree Parkway.