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Pumpkin Palooza debuts
Organizers plan to build on event
Palooza WEB 1
Andrew Johnson plays his homemade bass with Zeke Farley on fiddle Saturday during the Pumpkin Palooza festival at Sexton Hall Enrichment Center. - photo by Crystal Ledford

Forsyth County Senior Services held the first Pumpkin Palooza fall festival on Saturday at the Sexton Hall Enrichment Center in south Forsyth.

Donna Grizzle, special events team leader, said the event drew many Senior Services participants as well as children.

“We’ve had a lot of our members from this location and our two other locations come out because we’ve posted it and have been talking about it for a while now,” she said. “And we’ve had a lot of people who just said they were driving by.”

The day featured a number of family-friendly events and activities, including a scavenger hunt, live music, inflatables and arts and crafts vendors.

“As soon as we got those inflatables up, there were kids in there jumping,” Grizzle said.

Added vendor Mary Prymek: “The scavenger hunt, everybody’s having such a good time with that. The little kids, the big kids, the older kids, everybody’s having a great time with that.”

Sexton Hall employee April Milam said an event called “Chunkin’ Pumpkin,” where children attempted to toss their old Halloween pumpkins the farthest, was a highlight of the day.

“It was blast,” she said. “We had all the way from little kids with little pumpkins up to bigger kids with bigger pumpkins.”

Attendee Meghan Lacey said she came out to support those who participated.

“Being an artist, I think it’s important for artists to get together and for us to take our art out into the community and share it with others,” she said.

Leaders said they were pleased with the turnout but saw room for improvement.

“It’s our first year [for this event], so we’re just getting our feet wet,” Milam said. “We can definitely build from this.”