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Young Forsyth acting talent boosts short film

FORSYTH COUNTY — A short film shot in Forsyth County has left those involved in its production feeling “Empowered.”

The movie of that same title by filmmaker Jordan Moore used local actors and is expected to be screened in the future at south Forsyth High School.

Moore said the film follows a group of high school students who learn that their abilities may be more than they seem.

“Empowered” deals with a group of teenagers that discover that their God-given talents are actually the supernatural,” Moore said.

“Imagine your favorite singer or artists. They put their hearts into their songs. They have these beautiful voices that we all love … who says that having that ability to impact so many people, who says that that isn’t a superpower?”

Moore, an Alabama native, acknowledged he’s not from Forsyth County, but said his assistant, Shelly Love, is from the area. He credited Love with helping find the local actors, many of whom are students at Lambert and South and West Forsyth high schools.

“She got me in contact with a lot of people from Forsyth County,” Moore said. “The love there is beautiful, and all the support and all the stuff that they offered were amazing.

Moore said that the film had a tiny budget, somewhere between $250 and $300, but that the local support helped get the project off the ground.

“We had a really small budget, but it came out to be a big production,” he said. “We had hair and makeup stylists, we had two videographers, a great director, an awesome cast that everyone just volunteered their time. Everyone just volunteered their services. Everyone didn’t get paid for this production.”

Though the actors came free, he is trying to secure investors for his next project.

“’Empowered’ is actually a short film that introduces a web series,” he explained. “We wanted to give a short that kind of introduces the characters and who they are and just get everyone familiar with the idea of it, then we have a web series that we are trying to launch in the fall.”

The film is scheduled to premiere Sept. 19 at the Plaza Theatre in downtown Atlanta. And Moore said there would be a special premiere at South, though a date has not been determined.