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Agenda reflects community feedback
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The pieces of the Forsyth County comprehensive plan update came together Thursday night during the final community workshop.

A draft of the community agenda was put on display and split into smaller pieces for the public to review how the previous six workshops came together.

Workshops divided by topic began in November to help form the community agenda.

The comprehensive plan provides a policy guide in maintaining the community’s vision as the county changes. The update will cover the years 2012-32.

Nearly 30 people attended the final workshop at the county administration building.

“People wanted to understand either how we were going to address a particular issue or how the pieces fit together,” said Vanessa Bernstein, the county’s senior long-range planner.

“Then some people who’ve been in previous meetings remembered certain feedback and so I was pointing out how we integrated that.”

The next step for the plan update is the last meeting of the steering committee, which will provide additional feedback to the project management team. That meeting is set for Sept. 19.

The document will then travel to the planning commission and board of commissioners, with at least one public hearing before each group.

The board will adopt a draft for the state Department of Community Affairs to review. The deadline to submit it is Oct. 31, 2012, but the county always planned to stay ahead.

“We wanted that in case the planning commission or board wanted more time to consider recommendations or extend the public hearing process,” Bernstein said.