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Candidate picks up support of former opponent
Mills WEB

Bill Mulrooney has announced that he is backing former opponent Cindy Jones Mills in the runoff for the District 4 post on the Forsyth County commission.

Mills faces incumbent Patrick Bell in the Aug. 21 contest, after voters thinned the field five candidates in the July 31 Republican primary.

“Obviously, Cindy wasn’t my first choice,” Mulrooney said, “but she’s absolutely the best one left standing. I think her desire to serve is genuine.”

After the primary, Mulrooney said he had several people ask which of the remaining candidates he would support in the runoff.

He hesitated to apply the term “endorsement,” but said “as a voter, this is who I’m voting for.”

Mills was appreciative of the support of someone she has gotten to know through the primary campaign.

“I embrace the people that voted for [my former opponents] and hope that they know I would consider it an honor and a privilege to have their support as well and serve them as their representative in District 4,” she said.

Mills said she and Mulrooney shared common views on sticking to “core Republican values.”

Bell did not return a phone call seeking comment.

Whoever wins the runoff likely will secure the post as no Democrats or independent candidates have qualified to run in the General Election on Nov. 6.

The four-year term on the commission will begin in January.