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Chicken stink point of concern for proposed north Forsyth subdivision
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Forsyth County News

NORTH FORSYTH – A proposed 100-plus lot subdivision in north Forsyth may be built on an old chicken farm, should the application be approved.

At a work session Tuesday evening, the Forsyth County planning board raised questions about potential “chicken stink” from the poultry houses on the land.

Apex Land Company, LLC, is requesting to rezone about 66 acres from Agricultural District, or A1, and Single Family Residential Restricted District (R2R) to Single Family Residential District, or Res-3 for 113 residential lots with a density of 1.70 units per acre.

The property is located south of Hurt Bridge Road, at the intersection with Hurt Bridge Drive, which is northwest of the intersection with Wright Bridge Road in north Forsyth.

The application is the second recent rezoning request for a large subdivision in the northern part of the county, which is less developed than the rest of Forsyth.

At the work session, District 1 board member Rusty Whitlow, whose district the application falls in, said neighbors are concerned about the Res-3 zoning.

“[The developer] originally requested a CR2 but I kicked that back and he came back with a Res-3,” Whitlow said. “We’ve got some of the larger landowners very concerned about a Res-3…this is about the most rural part of my district as there is.

“The developer has offered up the Res-3.5, which is 80 feet and 16,000 square feet and some other conditions.”

Res-2 zonings call for larger lots, with a minimum of 18,500 square feet. Res-3 requires 14,750 square feet minimum.

In Res-2’s, the minimum lot width is also larger – 100 foot wide minimum. Res-3 has a minimum width of 70 feet.

Whitlow said he will meet with adjoining landowners, where he hopes he can work something out. They are pushing for a Res-2 zoning – a lower density category.

“The problem with an 80-foot lot is you can’t do a side-entry garage,” Whitlow said. “It takes about a 100-foot wide lot to get the side entry and on an 80-foot lot, it doesn’t leave you much of a house.”

Whitlow said he may push for a Res-2, given how vehemently the neighbors oppose a Res-3.

“The [adjoining] homeowners say they will take the [chicken house] stink over a Res-3, so we’ll see.”

The planning commission will hold a public hearing regarding the application on Tuesday, Feb. 28, where they may vote to send the rezoning to the Board of Commissioners with a recommendation for approval or denial.

The BOC is expected to vote on the application at its March 16 regular meeting.