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City approves Sanders Road guardrail agreement
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Agreements have been reached between the city of Cumming and Forsyth County for a new guardrail on Sanders Road.

At a City Council meeting Tuesday, council members voted unanimously to approve a pair of intergovernmental agreements, or IGAs, with Forsyth County for a new guardrail on Sanders Road and a new policy for roads with split jurisdictions.

The guardrail was an unresolved issue tied to the 2013 collapse of Sanders Road after a culvert under the road washed out after heavy rain caused an earthen dam breach at the former Lake Alice. The road reopened in May, and neighbors at the opening pushed for a new guard rail.

Though most of Sanders is a county road, a portion belongs to the city.

“This IGA will grant the county right of entry to allow them to install and maintain guardrails along Sanders Road, including the 50 feet that’s within the city limits,” City Attorney Dana Miles said.

Miles said the guardrail will extend beyond the city’s portion of the road and will be on both sides of the road.

In 2011, a driver was killed after flipping into Lake Lanier from the road at the area the guardrails will go.

No timeline has been set for the installation.

After years of issues with the road, in November 2015, the governments reached a deal for each side to pay for half of the $434,000 cost for repairs.

Mayor H. Ford Gravitt said the guardrail was been included in the previous agreement to fix the road since there wasn’t one prior to the collapse.

Road maintenance

The council also approved an agreement with the county on split-jurisdictional road maintenance.

“You can annex part of a road if you want to, but you can also pass over the road if you want to and annex on both sides,” said Scott Morgan, the city’s director of planning and zoning on Wednesday. “Typically when that’s done, the city can assume jurisdiction over that portion of road when they’ve annexed property on both sides.”

Morgan said the county will maintain Pilgrim Mill Road, Bettis-Tribble Gap Road, Larry Mulkey Memorial Road, Hutchinson Road, Horseshoe Court, Ronald Reagan Boulevard and Sanders Road, except for where work was done on the culvert.

Two other roads, Ronald Reagan Boulevard and Mary Alice Park Road, were originally included by the county, but the council voted to remove them from the agreement. Those roads be responsible for those roads.