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Commissioners approve new ambulance fees for 2018
Central ambulance

After approving a new agreement last month with Central EMS, Forsyth County is working out a new fee proposal.

At a work session on Tuesday, Forsyth County Commissioners voted 4-0, with the District 2 seat vacant, approved an agreement for ambulance service at a base of $1,025 per trip for customers and $16.89 per mile with an annual county subsidy of $885,000.

Insurance will pay for part of the base for most customers. 

The option chosen by commissioners was between two original options: a more expensive one for that county with a base of $775 per trip plus $10 per mile and subsidy of $1,280,000 and a cheaper option for $1,275 per trip and $16.89 per mile with a $475,000 subsidy.

Commissioners opted for a fee between the two, and the base charge and county subsidy will increase by about 3 percent each year.

The county’s current rate is the option with the $775 base and the new rates will go into effect at the beginning of 2018.

The new agreement will also mean an increase in the number of ambulances. 

“January 1 we place one more ambulance in service,” said Central EMS President Gary Coker. “It looks about 30-36 months out until we have another and about 60 months before the next.”

Central began working with the county in early 2016 after the county’s previous provider since 2008, Advance Ambulance, closed due to financial issues.

In September, commissioners approved a bid for ambulance service to Central. The contract was to expire at the end of the year.