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Condemnation suit settled
May increase greenway parking
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Forsyth County News

Several “no parking” signs have covered a private Union Hill Road property next to the Forsyth County Big Creek Greenway for months.

A lone sign added, “If you want to park here, contact your district Commissioner Todd Levent.”

The illicit parkers may soon have that option.

The Forsyth County commission has reached a settlement in a 2007 condemnation suit for the 25.3-acre site split by Union Hill Road for $82,500.

The property, which is now owned by Steve Maloof, is vacant and will be donated to the county as part of the deal.

The commission voted 4-0, with Commissioner Brian Tam absent, on Tuesday to approve the final consent order and send it to Forsyth County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Bagley for consideration.

The owners launched suit after the county tendered $13,100 for nearly an acre plus about 1.3 acres of temporary easement, said County Attorney Ken Jarrard.

“The property owners were demanding $19,000 for the actual land for the take and they were demanding $242,000 for consequential damages,” Jarrard said.

According to the consent order, the county owes $69,400 to settle the case, having paid $13,100 so far for the condemnation.

Levent said after the meeting that a purpose for the land has not been discussed. Since it’s in a flood plain, however, development is virtually impossible.

During the construction of the greenway, the contractor used the temporary easement on the property to park equipment on top of some gravel, Levent said.

He’s considering putting down some fresh gravel and allowing the space to be used officially for parking.

Levent also had an idea for a new sign during Tuesday’s commission meeting.

“Maybe they can say: Thank you, Commissioner Levent, now you can park here again,” he said.