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CPD aims to build on seminar's popularity
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• To register for the Refuse to be a Victim Crime Prevention Seminar, which will held from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Sept. 25 at the city’s Castleberry Building, 301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., go to

• Any businesses interested in helping to sponsor student materials, should contact Officer Jonathan Clapp at (770) 781-2001.

The Cumming Police Department is looking for help to hold additional crime prevention workshops.

Later this month, the department will hold its first Refuse to be a Victim Crime Prevention Seminar.

A second session of the seminar, which was developed by the National Rifle Association, is slated for 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. Sept. 25.

Officer Jonathan Clapp of the department said this month’s seminar is full.

“Because folks were a little late to get into the March session, they’re already signing up for September,” Clapp said.

He attributed the program’s popularity to its high quality and subject matter.

“It’s a well-known program and the NRA puts out a very highly polished set of materials,” he said.

The seminar focuses on how to avoid dangerous situations and prevent criminal activity and confrontations.

“We’ll be talking about identity protection, home protection, individual self-defense strategies,” Clapp said. “We’ll use as examples some recent incidents and the circumstances revolving around those incidents. We’ll talk about some of the common things we’ve seen.”

The department is able to present the seminar for free after securing grant funding to cover the costs of the student materials for 150 people. Each session can accommodate 75.  

“We want to do this, but we want to do it such that it comes at no cost to the attendee,” Clapp said.

He added that he is looking for businesses that may be willing to sponsor additional student material kits for the upcoming sessions or to potentially add more.

“We don’t want this to be commercialized,” he said. “However, I will afford certain organizations the ability to put maybe a product of theirs on the back table … if it’s a related technology or product.

“In return all I’m asking them to do is sponsor X amount of student kits so we can get more people in the door and pay for the kits without having to charge the community.”