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E-911 board wants to meet less often
Lack of business cited as reason
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Forsyth County News

With nothing on the agenda to discuss, the Forsyth County E-911 Advisory Board talked Thursday morning about meeting less often.

County Manager Doug Derrer raised the issue after the panel approved the minutes from the August meeting.

Derrer said a local resolution from March 2011 requires the board to assemble at least once per quarter, which upped the previous minimum of one meeting per year.

“We have met since that time as required, but I do question the benefit of meeting quarterly,” he said. “We typically don’t have much to bring before this board.”

Pat Giordano, the county’s 911 director, said several advisory boards in Georgia have been asking the state to eliminate the minimum one meeting per year.

“The intent when the advisory boards were created was when the 911 centers were being built, designed and established,” Giordano said. “Most counties don’t even follow it at all.”

Sheriff Ted Paxton recommended the board ask the county attorney and commission to reduce the number of meetings to comply with state law.

The board voted 5-0, with two members absent, to take that direction.