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Fifth candidate in District 4 field
Longtime resident touts experience
Meagher WEB

A fifth person has announced his candidacy for the District 4 seat on the Forsyth County commission.

Charles Meagher said he’s seeking the post based on his desire to see better decision making for the county.

“Looking at the people that are running for the office, I simply think I’m the best qualified,” Meagher said. “I’ve had a long history of service and leadership experience, to include the time that I was a city councilman in Duluth when it was the fastest growing city in the fastest growing county.”

A 25-year resident of Forsyth County, Meagher currently serves as chairman of the county’s board of tax assessors.

He will face four other announced District 4 candidates — incumbent Patrick Bell and fellow challengers Tim Hubbard, Cindy J. Mills and Bill Mulrooney — in the July 31 primary.

Qualifying is set for May 23-25.

The commission post, which represents most of north Forsyth, is one of three up for election this year. The residents of Districts 2 and 5 will also choose their representatives.

Incumbent Brian Tam is facing Dennis Brown in District 2, which covers much of south Forsyth.

The race in eastern Forsyth features incumbent Jim Boff and John Derucki for the District 5 seat.

All the announced candidates are Republicans.

Each of the three seats will be elected by district voting for the first time, having previously been determined countywide.

Though candidate announcements for the District 4 post began in September, Meagher said his comes in April because his home was redistricted at the start of 2012.

“I had no plans on running because I was in District 1, and that seat’s not available for another couple years,” he said. “When January came about, and my subdivision’s now in the fourth district, it made me start thinking again about the opportunity to serve.”

Meagher said his experience on the tax board has shown him the effects of declining property values, a trend he expects will continue about two more years before rebounding and leading to growth.

“We need to be focused on making sure we’re ready when that rebound comes about,” he said. “It’s time for a quiet leadership that will work to bring the county together to resolve the issues that will be coming at us.”

Meagher has 39 years’ experience as an educator and administrator in Georgia and Alabama, as well as 23 years of military service in the Army National Guard.

He lives in the Lake Forest subdivision with his wife, Linda Sue, and is stepfather to two grown children.

He attends Cumming First United Methodist Church, where he has served on the administrative board.

Meagher said he plans to participate in the Forsyth County Tea Party’s commission debate at 6:30 p.m. Monday in the county administration building.